Clutch Repair in Bothell, WA

Quality Foreign Auto in Bothell, WA has experience with repairing and replacing standard transmissions. Although standard transmissions experience fewer problems than automatic transmissions, they have an assortment of parts inside the transmission case that can wear down and cause issues. The best way to ensure that you take care of your transmission properly is to bring your vehicle to us for your regular maintenance as well as when you first begin to notice signs of transmission issues.

The most common problem with a standard transmission is that the clutch has issues. You must remember that clutches are much like brake pads, and they eventually wear out. When you begin to experience symptoms of hard shifting, bring your vehicle over to us for a clutch repair. Catching this type of problem early can save you quite a bit of money. If you let the problem go for too long, the worn clutch can damage the pressure plate, which can typically be smoothed out instead of being replaced completely.